Sunday, September 25, 2005

Travels with Nicholas - Fini

Date: Sunday, October 31, 2004 22:25:09 -0800 (PST)

Subject: Travels with Nicholas - Part 9 - Finis

Looks like there is a God after all. See? This is my last e-mail to promised. I have made a safe return home after spending a month on the road. For that I am grateful.

I started my trip in search of my roots and maybe hopefully to discover something about my self. You want to know what I found out? I found that my roots, although originating as a seedling somewhere in particular, are never ending. I found that new roots are laid everyday, every time I interact with someone, or every time I foray into a new area. They are just newer roots than the older roots of yesteryear, soon to be older roots themselves. I found that by searching for my roots, I was really only laying newer roots, and so on and so forth. By understanding this and accepting it, I have come to realize that wherever I am at is merely a compilation of all of my roots. To understand who I am or where I am from, I need only to look within.

As far as finding out something about myself, I found that no matter what was thrown my way, it was my responsibility to address the issue and figure out an optimum solution. There was no excuse for failure. And to this end, I seemed to manage. For better or for worse. This is no different than all of the day-to-day obstacles that are presented to us on a daily basis that we are required to overcome. Just different situations. For that I feel like I have found a part of me that I like, even more so than before my trip.

I also figured that seeing majestic mountains and cool rivers and endless fields of grain would give me purpose that I was seeking. I thought that meeting a variety of peoples and overcoming any challenges thrown my way would help strengthen my character and strengthen my resolve. And you know, all of this is true. And it did. It was a magnificent experience. But you know what I really discovered on my trip? That truly home truly is really where your heart is. Home is loving and being loved by friends and family. Home is knowing that in spite of all the trials that we endure on a daily basis, that we are where we need to be. That the pastures on the other side are not greener, or the good old days were not better than freely accepting and loving life today. Without sounding too esoteric (sappy might be a better word), I discovered that I am ok, and that I am happy being here now. I am grateful for this understanding. I also realize that I have friends and family, that help ground me with my existence, and want to thank you for being one of those grounding figures, and for allowing me the privilege of sharing my experiences with you. Thank you. Take care. God bless.

Nicholas Bowen

The Traveler, Formerly in Search of His Roots and His Self


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Blogger Nicholas Bowen said...

Nicholas Bowen, you are one heck of a traveler and storyteller.... even if I have to say it myself.

8:26 PM  

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