Sunday, September 25, 2005

Travels with Nicholas Part 5

Date: Monday, October 25, 2004 22:01:18 -0700 (PDT)
To: Friends & Family
Subject: Travels with Nicholas - Part 5

Well howdy good folks,

Last e-mail I sent I had just tried a failed attempt to visit my birthplace in Illinois. From there I headed north to Chicago then on through Wisconsin and Minnesota. Was so overcast that I couldn't see anything more than a few hundred yards from the road. This went on for days. Therefore my report on those two states are what? and where?. Then went on into South Dakota which was very highwayt tourist oriented. Kind of neat to see all of the roadside "worlds largest this" and "Indian moccasins" that, signs. Reminded me of America back in the '50s, although I wouldn't know. being a love child of the '70's. Read about it in history books though.

Anyway on to Wyoming I went. I decided to visit Mount Rushmore where I came face to faces withh the Presidents' busts. I realized that they were up there because they had achieved some sort of fame. In fact I saw there was still room even for another famous figure to be added. I saw my Illinois buddy, ole Abe looking down at me. I almost thought he was winking at me. Did he know something I didn't know? You know what they say about famous busts on mountain tops don't you? Apparently they have some sort of magical premonitional abilities. I thought back on my experience with not being able to get in to my birthplace (actually it really was because of my fame and notoriety; I was just trying to be modest by blaming it on 9-11). In any event I then decided to take a picture of the Presidents, however, when I saw the picture I was stunned. You know how sometimes pictures can be taken and funny occurences happen to the film? Like ghostly figures or premonitions of something to come? That's what happened to my picture. Weird I tell you. I wasn't sure if I should share the picture with you but I figured I should in the event it ever comes true you won't be taken by surprise. I'm serious now.

Well I am on the road again. Am going to head on up north to Montana and thereabouts. Will report on any happenings or any other phenomenon up that way.

Til then!

Nicholas, your traveling bud


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